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The Imposter in the Crown

Spinel is oneĀ of the most underrated and undervalued gemstones is Spinel.Quality Spinel is actually more rare than Ruby and Diamonds but is not promoted commercially by dealers and jewellers due to lack of supply. It is therefore valued less than Ruby but is a favourite among gem connoisseurs and had started to close the price… Continue reading The Imposter in the Crown

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Magical Green Malachite

Malachite is formed in the earth from the weathering of copper ore and has been used for many ornamental uses, such as the beautiful vases in these photos. It is more common than Azurite. Malachite has been predominantly mined in the Urals Russia but has also been found and in various locations around the World,… Continue reading Magical Green Malachite

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All that glitters is gold

  Silverware at a formal dinner party is common but adding a bit of gold is a bit different and adds class and elegance to the formality. You don’t have to go to the extremes in the pictures of Buckingham Palace below but you can introduce varying degrees of gold (traditional or contemporary style) and it doesn’t… Continue reading All that glitters is gold

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Is this vase really worth $18 million?

In March 2011, this Famille Rose Chinese Porcelain vase was listed in the Sotheby’s New York catalogue as “probably Republican period (20th century)”, with an estimated vale if $800 to $1200.In what would probably be the biggest variation to an auction estimate ever, the vase actually sold for $18 million!!! Bidders believed that Sotheby’s were… Continue reading Is this vase really worth $18 million?

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Double Sapphire for Elizabeth’s 90 years

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will turn 90 years of age on April 21st 2016 and after an amazing 64 years reign as Queen of England, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, she shows no sign of slowing down. The Gemstone to mark a 90th Anniversay or 90th Birthday, is Double Sapphire. It will be interesting… Continue reading Double Sapphire for Elizabeth’s 90 years